Teeth Whitening

Perfect Dental patient receiving teeth whiting procedure

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Brighten your smile with a simple treatment

Teeth whitening can transform the appearance of your smile. Most professional whitening procedures can change the brightness of your teeth up to 10 shades in one office visit.

Eliminate tooth stains and discoloration

The foods and beverages you enjoy can yellow your teeth. Certain medications can also affect the brightness of your teeth.

Teeth whitening removes the discoloration from your teeth. You can also follow-up with proper maintenance to preserve the renewed appearance of your teeth with a convenient, take-home whitening kit.

The active ingredient in teeth whitening is typically hydrogen peroxide. The safe chemical penetrate the pores of your tooth enamel to bleach the dentin portion (beneath the enamel) of your tooth.

Curing lights are used during your in-office procedure. This helps speed up the bleaching process and produce a visibly whiter smile following your appointment of approximately 45 minutes.

Can you use teeth whitening?

Whitening treatment is effective but not everyone can benefit from it. First, consult with our dental office before you use an over-the-counter or an at-home kit or schedule an in-office procedure.

Certain oral health conditions might prevent your teeth whitening treatment. These include tooth decay, discolored or spotted teeth, gum infection, sensitive teeth, and types of dental work such as dental crowns or dental bridges.

Zoom teeth whitening

We also offer our patients Zoom teeth whitening which is an in-office treatment that can be completed in just about an hour.