Signs You Will Need Dentures in the Future

Signs You Will Need Dentures in the Future

Most people think that dentures are for other people and not themselves. The truth is that many people both old and young wear full or partial dentures. According to research, the need for dentures is expected to rise by the year 2020. While the older generation might need dentures more in their old age, there are people in the younger generation that use partial or full dentures.

Below are some common reasons why you might need dentures in the future.

  1. Injury

If you were involved in an accident and you lost a few of your teeth, you are a candidate for partial dentures. One can lose their teeth from other incidences and not just an accident. Other trauma to the teeth can lead to missing teeth.

  1. Loose or shifting teeth

If you start noticing the gaps between your gums start to widen or your teeth are shifting position, it could be a sign of bone loss from undiscovered periodontal disease. If your bone loss is severe, you will inevitably lose teeth in the future.

  1. Several teeth are already missing

Many people tend to overlook the fact that they are missing one or two teeth. If you are missing a tooth, the other teeth start shifting, and they have to work harder which puts them at risk of getting cavities.

  1. Unable to properly chew hard food

If you are having a hard time chewing foods with a challenging texture, it could be a sign of a tooth fracture, decay, gum disease or other problems. If left untreated your teeth might need to be extracted.

  1. Red, swollen and bleeding gums

If your gums are swollen, red and tend to bleed occasionally, you might have periodontal disease. If left untreated, it can quickly progress to the point you have to lose a tooth or two meaning you will need partial dentures.

  1. Not confident in your smile

If you are not happy about your natural teeth, you will tend to hide your smile or block your mouth with your hand whenever you want to smile. Dentures can give you a confident, brilliant smile.


Benefits of getting dentures

Dentures are aesthetically pleasing and comfortable. By getting dentures, you can shatter self-doubts if you currently don’t love your smile. They also free you from dietary restrictions because they make it easier to chew on your favorite. Dentures can help address any speaking problems you might be having by filling in the spaces in your teeth making people understand what you are saying.

Are you considering getting dentures? Contact Perfect Dental to speak to a professional. Feel free to ask all questions you might have regarding dentures before you get them.