The Perfect Dental Travel Kit - Quick Checklist for Traveling

The Perfect Dental Travel Kit – Quick Checklist for Traveling

Are you planning a trip this summer? Perhaps you are heading away for a few weeks and want to make sure you have a stunning smile. We can help you with that. But, we also want you to have a ready to go dental travel kit to take with you. It helps ensure your oral health is always on target even when you are away from home.

Your Kit Should Contain the Following:

  • Travel-sized toothbrush, toothpaste, and mouthwash – it is essential to choose high-quality products to take with you
  • Flossers – you don’t want to find yourself in pictures with food caught in your teeth
  • Tongue scraper for proper oral hygiene
  • Mouthwash – purchase the type you use at home, and be sure to pack it in your luggage
  • Sugar-free gum – because it is far better for you and not always accessible

It does not have to be hard to maintain your oral health while on vacation. But, if you do not create a dental travel kit like this in advance, you may find yourself struggling later. Many vacation spots offer fun dental travel items, but they tend to be basic products, sometimes generic, non-effective products, and very expensive. With a bit of planning in advance, you do not need to worry about those problems.

We also recommend coming in for a dental appointment. This ensures we can tackle any dental concerns you have with tooth whitening, a cleaning, and a full checkup. You may also want to make sure your breath is as clean as possible.

Call Perfect Dental for Your Appointment

Before you take off on your trip, stop in for a dental appointment. Having a beautiful, white smile is always ideal for those vacation photos. Call us to schedule your next dentist appointment. If you find yourself in a dental emergency in the Boston area, call Perfect Dental for an emergency dental appointment.