Covid-19 Myths vs Facts

Covid-19 Myths vs Facts

1) Can Covid-19 be only transmitted in hot & humid climate?
Myth: The virus can be transmitted in all climates.

2) Taking a hot bath can help prevent getting Covid-19.
Myth: Hot baths does not lower the chances of getting the Covid-19.

3)Can Covid-19 be transmitted through Mosquito bite?
Fact: The Covid-19 is spread primarily through droplets from people coughing or sneezing.

4) Covid-19 only affect older people?
Myth: People of all ages can be infected. However older people and people with per-existing medical conditions ( Asthma, Diabetes, heart disease) appear to be more vulnerable.

5) Do hand dryers help kill Covid-19 virus?
Myth: They do not help kill Covid-19. Frequently clean your hands, once cleaned dry them with paper towels.

6) Covid-19 is different than the flu.
Fact: Covid-19 and the Flu have similar symptoms but Covid-19 is more deadly.

7) Everyone that gets Covid-19 dies.
Myth: Covid-19 fatality rate is an estimate of 1%-3%.